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Tags: Shiny and flamboyant Cadillacs, retro style, prints, flames, burn baby burn, bright and pastel colors, leather, pleats, diner, shots of red lipstick,  killer stilettos, pencil skirts, rhynestone, clutches. More and more, and ready, steady, go.

Miuccia Prada has been able to surprise and establish again a new concept of woman: strong, diverse and far from stereotypes, intellectual and at the same time classy and intriguing, with a misterious story to tell.

The signature contrasts liked by Miuccia Prada all meet up in the collection. Pastel colours and delicate chiffon are paired with printed flames and shiny stilettos. Leather and metal meet brocade and lace. Cars and flames are matched with silk and big rhynestone floral jewelry.

The casting choice is pretty interesting as well. The make up let the models’ faces look less dollish and plain but instead more like movie characters’, all with a killer look in their eyes, and with a classy and a bit shabby and greasy hairstyle. Statement bags and jewelry are the last touches giving every outfit a definite and contemporary personality. Maria Carla and the other girls look like they are on a mission, half way between an american broken dream and some distracted retro errands in your Chevrolet, embodying a new level of intellectual and nonchalante femininity.

Photo from V Magazine - Backstage at Prada

All the photos above are from Vogue.com

Photo from V Magazine – Backstage at Prada

 “I wanted to take on the taboo of sweetness, which is one of the greatest qualities in women. But if you are not aggressive, too? How can that work, for a woman?”  – Miuccia Prada on this collection, from Vogue.com