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..She did it again!

I must tell that I love David Bowie, and Kate Moss too. Actually this cover of Vogue Paris is really breathtaking, and you know why? It’s not for the look itself, that by the way is perfect (Balmain suit), it’s mostly for the feel: looking at this photo you get just right into this glowy warm orange light, where someone is looking at you with that misterious and piercing stare, and I suddenly go back to my childhood when I was looking at the photos of David Bowie on the magazines and just wanted to be as sparkly and fascinating as him.

Kate was shot for British Vogue in May 2003 by Nick Knight, always as David Bowie, but as in the photo (aka the cover of Aladdin Sane) taken by Brian Duffy:

The two were also together in a photo shoot by Ellen Von Unwerth in a Blow Up mood.

Speaking of Bowie, I’d like to share with you some photos I took a few months ago at the opening of Brian Duffy’s exhibition at Idea Generation Gallery in Shoreditch, London. And yes, the Aladdin Sane photos were all there on sale, including a fantastic version in black and white. And I am broke. As always.