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..I know! Some of you love it, some others just hate it.. What shall you do on Valentine’s day? Some love to get furtively in their lover’s flat, and stuff their bedroom with rose petals-soft animals-chocolate-lingerie, some others don’t like at all this kind of stuff and these days avoid everything that has vaguely the shape of a flower, the red colour or the smell of chocolate.. Some others take it really seriously, and buy their girlfriend/boyfriend a trip somewhere very expensive (where supposivley their love will grow even more through pamperings and pina coladas), some others when reminded of the day just answer “What??” with a you-are-absolutely-out-of-topic look.. And so, you know what? To make all of you happy I’ll just post an incredible amount of things that you could buy for you or someone else, that could be appreciated on Valentine’s day, but also on any other day of the year. That you would use in a love day, but also not (come on, we wear lingerie every day of the year [you do, right?], and we eat chocolate more often when feeling down than in a Jacuzzi surrounded of palms and birds singing [ok, I’m exagerating]).. So, everyone alright with this? Hope so. Because I looked for these things for you with all my love, and it’s all that matters.

.. Lo so! Alcuni di voi lo amano, altri lo odiano.. Che si deve fare a San Valentino? Alcuni amano entrare furtivamente nell’appartamento dell’amata/o e riempirgli la stanza di petali di rose- peluche – cioccolato – lingerie, altri non amano per niente questo tipo di manifestazioni e durante questi giorni non fanno altro che evitare tutto cio’ che ha la forma vagamente simile a quella di un fiore, il colore rosso e il profumo del cioccolato.. Alcuni altri la prendono davvero seriamente, e comprano al/la loro ragazzo/a un viaggio molto costoso in qualche posto esotico (dove in teoria il loro amore crescera’ ancora di piu’ tra i trattamenti della spa e i pina colada..).. Alcuni altri quando gli si ricorda che giorno e’ rispondono solo “Cosa?!?” con quella faccia da “..Che-accidenti-stai-dicendo?!”.. E quindi sapete cosa? Per farvi tutti felici pubblichero’ semplicemente un incredibile quantita’ di cose che potreste comprare per voi o qualcun altro, che potrebbero essere apprezzate a San Valentino o in qualsiasi altro giorno dell’anno. Che potreste usare in un giorno dedicato all’amore, ma anche no (voglio dire, la biancheria intima ce la mettiamo tutti i giorni dell’anno, giusto? [lo fate, vero?], e mangiamo cioccolato piu’ spesso quando siamo tristi che di quando ci troviamo in una Jacuzzi circondata da palme e uccellini che cantano [ok, sto esagerando].. Dunque, vi ho messo tutti d’accordo ora? Spero di si’. Anche perche’ ho cercato tutte queste cose per voi con tutto il mio amore, che alla fine e’ quello che davvero conta.

First row from top: Oysho, second: Topshop. [For more details on the products, you can check the Polyvore Set]

From top, clock wise: Heart earrings Tarina Tarantino, Be Mine heart ring by Kate Spade, heart clutch Kathrine Baumann, Lanvin Swarovki necklace @Net-A-Porter, Phoebe Coleman Love Me Temnder ring, Alex Monroe heart necklace, Alex and Chloe heart stud earrings, silver heart earrings @Debenhams, Lord & Taylor Diamond heart ring. [For more details on the products, you can check the Polyvore Set]

From top, clockwise: retro headphones Panasonic, Beats by Dre headphones, Plattan headphones, Pigeon Light by Ed Carpenter, Scope rug by Donna Wilson, Crosley Portable USB spinnerette turntable, Frank Pouffle in zig zag, Robin cushion, Rocker chair by Modernica @SCP. [For more details on the products, you can check the Polyvore Set]

Above: Hollander bikes @Made. [For more details on the products, you can check the Polyvore Set]

Above: ties and bow ties available @Mr Porter. [For more details on the products, you can check the Polyvore Set]

Above, one of the Valentine’s Day exclusive treats by Pierre Marcolini, belgian maitre chocolatier. His creations are of an exquisite taste and can be sent anywhere in special packages anti-breakage and melting. You have time till the 10th of February to order online to receive all that you wanted by Valentine’s Day. There’s also a competition that is running now in his flagship stores and on the Facebook Page, where they promise a secret (and I guess very yummy) surprise…