Welcome to my blog, you can find here both inspirational things found on the internet and the real world and photos, notes, and illustrations created by me. It’s about everything, music, images, fashion, travel, thoughts, tales.. A journey through time and space.

The photos and images I created are all subject to copyright, so please if you are using them, link them to my blog, and I would be glad if you let me know! :)

For any queries, collaborations and projects proposals, to buy autographed prints, or if you just want to drop me a line, please write to thisgirldiary@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please take also a look to the other This Girl Diary blogs I keep:

This Girl Diary (My photography and illustrations): http://thisgirldiary.wordpress.com

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I hope you enjoy going through my blogs, thanks for being here!

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